Hello, all of you journey seekers! I’m new around here but I plan to make this blog a safe place and as big as the eye can see (if you will). I’m a snarky, sassy southerner with a grateful mind and I love self-help (books mainly), inspired by all things around me and way take, mocha obsessed, Lindt Lindor snob (they’re so good, whatever kinda you get) snob. I love my friends and family and I’m here to build a new community of a like community.

I am in my mid-30s.

I share a birthday with my twin brother.

My mom is my best friend

I’m a dog mommy to my adorable Almost 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Yamper

I love mochas and coffee!

I love to bake, it relaxes me

I am a cervical cancer survivor

I love to watch crime documentaries, food network (you can see my other blog here & here),

I love cold weather and you can find me wrapped in a cozy blanket with a mocha or a cup of Bones Coffe Co. coffee in Ruff Weather.