Looking Back On 2022 & 2023 Goals

I’m sharing a look back on 2022 and than sharing goals for 2023. How was your 2022? I’m going to do a little 2023, I’d love to hear about your 2022. it was definitely an adventure.

I can’t believe how 2022 played out. I don’t want to be negative and I know all of these things happen for a reason.

One of the good things that came from 2022 is that I met Christopher. He’s funny, honest, a great listener and conversationalist, and a really nice guy as well as a great cook!

Our (I have a twin brother) birthday is on December 18th exactly a week before Christmas.

My brother gave me the traditional birthday call (he’s got a lot going on) but that night Chris cooked me filet mignon (it was the best I’ve ever had), gave me my birthday present, which is beautiful but you sort of can’t tell in the photo. It’s dainty I love it.

Christmas Day came and I woke up to another white box, I busted into that bad boy like a raccoon on a campsite cooler.

They were earrings, gorgeous earrings! They’re December 2nd birthstone – Tanzanite. Which happens to be my favorite stone. 

They complement my necklace very well. So I’m happy, the family didn’t get together because half of us were sick. So we will be doing it in the new year. 

I’m trying to get excited about 2023, I am taking it head-on to see what happens. 

If you’ve been following my blog then you know how 2022 was really challenging, If you haven’t I’ll do a quick recap.

2022 started off as a great month, I was a manager, I loved my job, and there was a Starbucks beside the store (SCORE!).

In February 2022 it was when things got a little iffy.

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a hysterectomy. I had already decided I didn’t want kids and even now that choice was completely off the table, even if I changed my mind and wanted to.

I had a supposed seizure (they’re still testing for them.) I totaled my car by hitting a transfer truck.

I got my license taken away and had to put in my 2-week (started immediately) notice because I’m a “medical risk”.

I had 14 doctor appointments and lost my license in October 2022. I had my license back for 3 weeks then totaled another car on September 28th. 

I hit a ditch, rolled 3 times, and landed upside down in trees. There was a side panel in one of the trees. I heard.

I didn’t break anything but I was praying when the fire trucks got there I heard chainsaws and some guy saying I was still alive to hurry up to get me out.

Mission Murando totaled 2022

I woke up in the hospital with my brother and my mom by my side who I didn’t recognize for a while. 

So my license again had to be surrendered and I had to put in my 2 weeks (again, effective immediately).

I had my license 3 weeks before I had to turn them in again. And do so I haven’t driven since September 28, 2022. 

A week later I was at the cardiologist’s office, getting a holtiner monitor for a month, and then I was put on heart meds for heart palpitations.

I’ve scheduled 3 doctor appointments for January (we’re in the last week of December). 

This post isn’t all doom and gloom though, I’m also sharing a few of my goals for 2023 too.

So my word for 2023 is “Thrive”, 


To grow vigorously: flourish. : to gain in wealth or possessions : prosper: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.

I felt the word come to me out of nowhere. So I feel like I shouldn’t fight it. Let’s see where it takes me.

2023 Yearly Goals:

  • Keep up with 3 blogs: yes, I now have a total of 3, you read it right. I have one for mental health & one for food. What can I say, I’m multi-passionate, I didn’t want one blog to bust at the seams with all of these topics so I gave them their own spot on the internet.
  • Raise my DA score for at least 2 of the blogs – I’m rolling out a blog post a week for each blog with quality content so I can grab the (your) reader’s attention. 
  • Make $1,000 a month between blogs by the end of the year- I feel this is very doable, especially with 3, one should pick up right? Hah
  • Read one book a month – I’ve found my love for reading again. So I’m challenging myself to read one book every month all year. I’m trying to decide if audiobooks count as a book… hmm what do you think? 

I’m keeping this list short because I also have a slew of neurological appointments to see if they can confirm I’m having seizures.

I really really want to be able to keep you guys coming back for me. Feel free to browse the other blogs too. A Fork Full Of Cupcake & Excepted Detours.

What’s one goal of yours and your word for 2023? Leave me a comment letting me know. 

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  1. Running 3 blogs within different niches is admirably! Regarding the audible, I keep asking myself the same question, they count as a book read LOL

    I hope this year you keep your multi passionate spirit going on!

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